Q: Why did your name change? – Or – Have you been bought out by Xerox?

A: This is a name change, not a change in ownership. We have merged five independently operated sister companies located in Texas & Oklahoma, within the Xerox family, to create a greater local presence and expand on the services and solutions we can provide to our customers.

Q: Why did you not keep one of the existing company names?

A: Each company had a long and distinguished history. Rather than keep one of the current company names, we chose to emphasize our heritage as part of an iconic technology powerhouse, while staying true to our roots and the communities we serve.

Q: How does this affect me? – Or – How does this affect my contract?

A: This transition will not affect your existing contract. There is nothing new to purchase, no contractual implications, or forced renewals.
A: In the coming months you will see our name and logo transition to Xerox Business Solutions Southwest on all invoices, business cards, signage, delivery vehicles, etc.
A: You will now have access to an even larger portfolio of business-changing innovations and Workflow Automations than can add profitable efficiencies to your business.

Q: Has my point of contact changed?

A: Your point of contact will remain the same. However, you now have the opportunity to leverage the knowledge and experience of a team, in addition to your current account representative.
A: In the coming months, we will communicate a more convenient and efficient method for you to place Service and Supply orders.

Q: Is there anything I need to do as a result of this change?

A: No action is required at this time.

If you have any additional questions:
Email us at XBSsupport@xerox.com, call us at 800-450-5248, or consult with your local account executive.