Managed IT

Enjoy the ease and efficiency of a specialized IT team, allowing you to concentrate on the growth of your business.

Our proactive support model provides a true IT support experience. Xerox Business Solutions Southwest wants to partner with you as managed IT consultants, similar to hiring an internal employee without the additional costs.

  • Quarterly Reviews – During the first quarter we look far and wide into your network, reviewing connectivity, evaluating providers, and giving feedback on areas to improve.
  • Complete Insight – We make the experience as personal as possible, giving you insight into your network and technology while investigating behind the scenes to make sure your experience is up to par.
  • Return on Investment – We will help you leverage every dollar you invest in your infrastructure to ensure you get are getting the best ROI.
  • Comprehensive Partnership – You will be provided with not just support but experience and ideas on how to improve. There are no tasks to large or small.

Whether you’re a long-time customer or a new client, you’ll love the expertise and personalized support of the Managed IT staff.

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Managed IT Offerings

Upon completion of your Managed IT Assessment, your account representative will propose solutions customized to your business, including the following items.

24x7x365 Monitoring and Alerting Services

Xerox Business Solutions Southwest installs monitoring agents on your PC, Server, and network devices that are included in your contract which provide up-to-date information on hardware and software performance and issues. Alerts are addressed during normal business hours.

IT Asset Inventory

Xerox Business Solutions Southwest installs agents on your PC, Server and network devices that are included in your contract which provide data for reporting detailed hardware and software information, including versions and patch levels. Warranty expiration information for your hardware is also included in these same reports. This type of reporting can be very valuable in evaluating your hardware inventory for refresh and satisfying audit requirements for software compliance.

IT Help Desk Services

These services provide resolution of customer IT related issues both remotely and/or on-site. The issues can range anywhere from a simple password reset to slow network performance to a server being down. Requests may be initiated by phone or email. Normal support hours are Mon-Fri 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., excluding Xerox Business Solutions Southwest observed Holidays.

Operating System Patching

Microsoft Windows PC’s and Servers should be patched monthly (or more frequently) to reduce the risk of security vulnerabilities and to protect your business data. Systems that are not patched are one of the main targets of today’s cyber criminals who know that many companies are not protecting their corporate assets with this very simple activity. Operating System patching also resolves system “bugs” that have been discovered by the manufacturer.

Anti-Virus Protection

Another major vulnerability in today’s technology environment is systems on which anti-virus or anti-malware programs are not in place or are not kept current. With the proliferation of malicious software in both email attachments, email links, and disreputable websites, this type of protection is essential to maintaining your data integrity.

Third-Party Application Patching

Common desktop applications such as Java®, Adobe® Reader, and Adobe® Flash Player need updates to keep them secure as well. The Xerox Business Solutions Southwest patching solution checks for updates from the various software manufacturers and applies those patches to your systems as part of the routine patching.

Third-Party Vendor Management

Vendors such as Internet Service Providers, Telecommunications companies and hardware resellers can be time consuming and sometimes confusing to deal with. Xerox Business Solutions Southwest can support you in dealing with these vendors at a contract or service level, as well as help you scope out new services. Xerox Business Solutions Southwest can also assist you in creating specifications for new technology equipment and assist you with procurement and installation. Third party vendor management services may also include domain registration and renewal, procurement and installation of SSL certificates, and external DNS management.

Backup / Data Recovery Services

Xerox Business Solutions Southwest highly recommends that all customers have a reliable and secure solution for backing up their business data. Offsite backups and a verified restoration method are an integral part of a good business model. Based on the amount of data stored on your servers, there are several products/services Xerox Business Solutions Southwest can provide. On premise backup devices and cloud services provide offsite secure storage for your backups with quick and easy file level restoration. Size recommendations are typically formulated based on the amount of data currently stored on your servers x 1.5 to allow for 50% growth and special backups. A backup device would be purchased as part of your initial contract costs and a monthly fee would be incurred for the backup services. These services will be quoted as separate line items in your proposal.

Network Management and Security

Xerox Business Solutions Southwest can procure, install, configure and monitor your network firewall, network switches and wireless access points. Your firewall implementation can include intrusion detection and prevention services if the firewall is licensed appropriately (highly recommended.) Your network topology will be designed to suit your business needs, to include any appropriate network controls, VLAN segmentation, and wireless (wifi) network access.

Web Security and Reporting

In addition to on premise network security, there are additional services available to secure web traffic based on categories, website reputation, and business preferences. Additional reporting features on user website and/or bandwidth usage can be made available.

Microsoft O365

Xerox Business Solutions Southwest will assist in procurement and management of your Microsoft Office365 environment, including user and license management.

Email Security

Unprotected email has become the favorite tool of many for identity theft and phishing, causing businesses thousands of dollars in theft of funds and damage to their reputation. We provide multiple levels of email security from basic SPAM filtering up to advanced levels of email threat protection.

Cloud Service Backups

While Microsoft Office365 and Google G Suite have reliable uptime, they do not provide long term data backup and recovery for deleted or corrupted files. We can provision SAAS (software as a service) protection services to back up all of your cloud data, including email, so that any issues related to lost data can be quickly resolved.

Active Directory

Xerox Business Solutions Southwest will maintain your local internal domain, to include all aspects of configuring and managing your Active Directory environment.

Project Work

For large projects such as business software upgrades, large hardware upgrades, infrastructure upgrades, etc., Xerox Business Solutions Southwest will work with you to determine the scope of the project, materials and labor required, and provide a statement of work for your approval. Large projects are billed outside of the monthly services fees.